Exactly What Is A Belief?

Our beliefs are formed from conclusions we draw about the world around us. Let’s look at
an example:

Imagine that you are a young child of 8 years old, and you are about to participate in
your first basketball game with some neighborhood kids.

You’re nervous, but you see other kids playing well so you figure you probably can too.

The game commences and you’re managing to hold your own, when suddenly the ball gets tossed to you and you see a clear shot to the basket. You lob the ball down the court, and . . . it misses the basket by several feet.

friends playing basketballYour teammates are upset and begin shouting at you, telling you that “you suck” at
basketball. Of course, you feel terrible about letting them down, and embarrassed about your lack of skills on the court.

What you do next will determine whether a limiting belief is formed or not. Do you make a solemn vow to never play basketball again because you believe you really do “suck”? Or do you hold your chin high and try again?

Drawing a conclusion that you’re bad at basketball (or anything else) will create a
limiting belief. Not only will you avoid playing basketball or any sports activities from that point on, you may also harbor negative beliefs about your ability to do anything well in the future!

Limiting beliefs usually get started when someone utters a negative comment to or about
you. If your parents or other authority figures in your life continuously told you that you were slow, learning challenged, klutzy, or unlucky, you probably began to believe them at some point – and you may believe them still!

It’s also easy to form limiting beliefs on your own through negative thought patterns.

Even if no one ever told you that you “suck” or that you’d never be successful in life, you may have formed similar conclusions based on your past “failures”. If you tried something once and didn’t do well at it, you may have told yourself, “Forget it, you’re a lost cause,” even if nothing could be further from the truth! (It’s amazing how hard we can be on ourselves at times, isn’t it?)

However, as dire as this all sounds, there is a little seed of good news contained within.
Just as you can form limiting beliefs about your abilities, you can also form empowering beliefs to take their place and go on to do anything you desire!

A belief is nothing more than a choice to see something as your TRUTH.

That’s right; you can CHOOSE your TRUTH. You don’t have to live your life hindered by
limiting or negative beliefs – you can change them at any time!

Take a look at the list of desires you wrote during the last segment, and choose one thing
from that list. As an example, let’s say that one of the items on your list is to attract $10,000.00 so you can pay off debt.

Do you really believe it is possible for you to attract $10,000.00? Do you believe you
deserve that sum of money? What feelings come up when you think about it?

If you feel nervous, tense, anxious or fearful – you don’t really believe you can have

Bingo! You just identified a limiting belief. If you really believed you could have it,
you’d feel calm and confident about it, right? Instead, your mind starts working along these lines, “Wow, that’s a lot of money.

ball and chain limiting beliefsIt would take me months to earn that kind of money! How am I going to get it? I can’t see any possible way; it’s hopeless!”

Notice that some of the thoughts above are focused on the “how” – don’t worry about those because we’re going to delve into them more completely in a later segment. For now, just focus on the disbelief and doubt expressed.
Once you’ve identified a limiting belief, there is an easy way to change it with a little
game I call, “Why It’s Possible.”

When you’ve got a limiting belief, your mind is busy reciting all the reasons why your desire is not possible. If you shift your focus to why it IS possible, you can transform the limiting belief.

Here’s how to do it:

Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center of it. At the top of the page over
the left column write, “Why It’s Not Possible.” At the top of the page over the right column write, “Why It IS Possible.”

First, come up with as many reasons as you can why your desire isn’t possible and write
them in the left column. This should be easy, since you’ve probably got a lot of negative beliefs regarding this goal.

Now, it’s time to turn those limiting beliefs around! In the right column, write down some
ideas about why it IS possible to attract $10,000.00.


Why It’s Not
– I earn
little money at my job.- I have no other prospects for getting more money.- I’m up to my ears in debt so I can’t take a loan.

– No one will help me.

– I doubt I could get a better paying job.

– I don’t have time for a second job.

Why It IS
– Money can come to me in many different ways.- I might get offered a better job that pays more.- I could stumble upon a great opportunity.

– I could start my own business on the side.

– The universe has resources I couldn’t even begin to guess at.

– Other people have received unexpected sums of money before, so I can


You get the idea. However, make sure the items you list under “Why It IS Possible” are
actually believable to YOU. If you don’t really believe them, this exercise won’t work. You have to be willing to believe that there are endless ways for the universe to deliver your desire – even if you have no clue how it will all come about.

Then, once you have that list of reasons why your desire is possible, cut the paper in
half and throw away the left column! Rip it up, burn it, put it down the garbage disposal, do whatever you want to destroy it, but affirm that those obstacles no longer exist in your life.

how you see your lifeInstead, every time you find yourself feeling panicky or doubtful about the thing you want to attract, re-read your list of reasons why it’s possible. Affirm again that it really IS possible. The more you do this, the more you’ll really begin to believe it.

You can also use this same process to address issues of low self-worth. Do you really
believe you deserve to be happy, healthy and wealthy? If not, make two more lists: one for the reasons why you don’t deserve the things you want, and one for the reasons why you do.

Then destroy the list of reasons why you don’t deserve them, and keep the list of reasons why you do.

Low self-worth is a limiting belief, but it also carries heavy emotional undertones that
may need to be transformed. Each time you or someone else delivered a negative message to your subconscious mind in the past, it triggered an emotional response which helped cement it in your reality.

One way to turn it around is to use positive self-talk combined with positive emotions.

As you review your list of reasons why you deserve good things in your life, say things
like this to yourself:

“I’m a good person.”
“I have a lot going for me.”
“I’m talented and successful.”
“Abundance is my birthright.”
“I deserve to be happy and healthy.”
“I love myself.”
“Other people love me too.”

Changing any limiting beliefs that you might currently have is absolutely crucial, if you want to engage the LOA and manifest your desires.

In fact, this step forms one of the most critical elements of either having success or failure to utilise the Law Of Attraction.

Ensure you invest the time to review any negative believes you might have right now and then follow the other steps and watch your life transform right before your very eyes.

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