Physical Action and the Law of Attraction

Another part of allowing is knowing whether you need to take action or not. As I wrote
earlier, sometimes you will feel a nudge to take a specific action, and sometimes you won’t.

There are a lot of mixed views about the concept of action. Some people feel like it’s always necessary, and others feel that it can be good but isn’t always necessary. I fall into the latter group.

Here’s what I can tell you from my own experience. There have been times when I took
action and great things happened because of it. There have also been times when I didn’t lift a finger and great things happened still.

One thing I like about action is that it can help you feel more proactive. Rather than waiting idly for something you want, you can empower yourself to begin moving toward it by taking one or more simple action steps.

HOWEVER – (and this is a BIG “however”) the action steps you take should be enjoyable, not difficult or forced.

Don’t take action because you feel you have to, or because you can’t see any other way for your desires to be realized.

Give the universe a little more credit than that and don’t forget to combine it with the other steps outlined here!

Let it work on your behalf, and if you feel that there are things you can do to help the process along, go for it.

How Can I Tell When I’m Being Nudged with an “Inspired Action”?

Need to take actionThis is one question I get from a lot of people. How can you tell when the universe is
inspiring you to take action?

I’ll be honest; it’s not always easy to tell. Sometimes you might confuse inspired action with wishful thinking, or fear-based thoughts that your desire won’t manifest unless you do something.

However, most often inspired action is something that you’ll WANT to do. It’s something that gets you all fired up and excited, something that seems very easy and quick to accomplish.

Usually an inspired action appears in the form of an unexpected opportunity, and you have to act quickly to take advantage of it.

Compare that to racking your brain and forcing yourself to take action on something
difficult and drawn out, and you’ll see the differences between the two.

One thing I do encourage you to do is start developing your intuition right away because
it’s a powerful tool you can use to discern inspired actions that the universe sends your way!

There are a few ways to strengthen your intuition, but here are some simple guidelines to get you started:

time for meditation1) Begin spending time in daily meditation (or just “sitting quietly”). The quieter, clearer and calmer your mind is and the more relaxed your body is, the more easily you’ll be able to notice nudges from your intuition.

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something? Or just “known” something even though you had no real way of knowing? Those are intuitive insights! They’re often so subtle that you can miss them if you’re not paying attention.

Sitting quietly on a regular basis is one sure way to get in touch with these insights.

2) Begin paying closer attention to the way you feel several times throughout the day.
Intuitive insights can often appear as errant emotions like anxiety, fear, wariness, and dread – even if you can’t see a clear reason for feeling that way.

Or, your insights may show up as actual bodily signals like tension in your shoulders or
forehead, tightness or queasiness in your abdomen, cold chills, or any number of other sensations.

3) When you do notice a feeling or bodily sensation that seems out of place, explore it
further. Ask questions like, “Why am I feeling wary right now? Am I about to make a decision that will have negative consequences? Is my intuition telling me to hold back? If so, why?”

4) Finally, you also want to pay attention to the more positive signals your intuition can
send! Like when you encounter a great opportunity and your intuition is screaming, “YES, go for it! This will be fantastic!” Most often you’ll feel that as a strong sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

Working with your intuition can often seem confusing at first, but the more you do it the
easier it gets. It’s just a matter of remembering to “listen in” and learning to decipher the signals you’re getting.

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