The Full Power And Importance Of Expectations…

So you might be wondering.. How do your expectations fit into engaging the Law Of Attraction and how important is it anyway?

The Power of Expectations

Your expectations are closely tied in with your beliefs, but they are more about your day
to day experiences in a general sense. If you’re in the habit of thinking negatively, you probably have negative expectations.

For example, you may be extremely pessimistic and always expect things to go wrong. As a result, they probably usually do.

If you believe you will always struggle and fail, you will expect to struggle and fail, so
you WILL struggle and fail. Your subconscious mind won’t allow anything else because that is your TRUTH.

If, on the other hand, you believe you are successful and resourceful, you will expect to
succeed – and you’ll usually find circumstances easing up to allow a different outcome.

As you begin to improve your thinking and feeling habits day to day, you’ll notice your
expectations shifting to match them. In the meantime, you can help the process along by consciously choosing a positive outcome in all situations.

When you catch yourself saying things like, “This will never work” or “I don’t know why I
bother trying” or “It’s just impossible” – stop yourself and turn it around to something more positive. “This is going to be great!” or “I’m going to make this work for me” or “I know this is possible” or “I intend that somehow this situation turns out in a very positive way”.

In time, you’ll end up doing this automatically, but at the beginning you may have to keep
a close watch on the things you catch yourself thinking and saying.

Your emotions can also serve as great clues here! If you find yourself feeling badly for
no apparent reason, it’s a sure sign that something is happening with your thoughts, beliefs or expectations.

When this happens, turn your attention inward for a few moments and ask questions to
figure out what’s happening:

“Why do I feel badly right now?”
“What triggered these feelings?”
“Am I experiencing doubt or disbelief about something?”
“Am I expecting a negative outcome? Why?”

Then simply work through any issues that may be blocking your higher good.

Changing your limiting beliefs and negative expectations may seem very challenging at the beginning, but you’ll find that the process begins to snowball after awhile.

Remember that the results are cumulative! Keep working on it every day and in no time you should find the process taking on a life of its own and it gets much easier to keep the momentum going.

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