The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

Many people today are under the impression that the Law of Attraction is a New Age,
“airy-fairy” concept akin to wishful thinking.

Maybe you fall into that category too?

When you consider the scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction, it becomes clear that it’s far from being a fantasy.

Recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics are absolutely mind-boggling in their

1) There is a living field of energy that connects everything in the universe. We once
believed we were all separate entities, but scientists are discovering that everything in our universe (including us) is formed from the same “stuff.”

quantum_physics_breakthroughsThis is important to understand because it means that there is no “separateness” between you and the things you want!

You and they come from the same field of energy. For that matter, so do you and the things you don’t want.

2) The presence of human DNA visibly alters the behavior of photons (light particles that
make up our universe).

This sounds like something from the Twilight Zone, but it was a real experiment. Scientists
used a special tube from which they extracted all air (creating a vacuum).

The only things left in the vacuum were photons, which were scattered in random fashion throughout the tube. They then inserted a sample of human DNA into the tube, and watched in amazement as the photons began rearranging themselves into intelligent

What does this mean? At this point, it appears that we have the power to ALTER the energy that composes our world.

Photons actually react to the presence of human DNA. Even more astounding: when the
scientists removed the DNA from the tube, they expected the photons to fall back into a random pattern, but they did NOT.

They remained in the same pattern apparently triggered by the DNA. This seems to point to the possibility that we can permanently alter our world – not just for a few moments here and there.

3) Finally, another experiment revealed that our emotions have a direct effect on our DNA.

Scientists took samples of DNA from volunteers, and then moved the DNA samples to a different room in the same building.

The volunteers were then shown video clips designed to trigger strong emotions, while their DNA samples were measured for electrical reactions. As the subjects experienced strong emotions, their DNA samples emitted electrical impulses.

human DNALater, the experiments were expanded to distances of hundreds of miles between the volunteers and their DNA samples – and the result was the SAME.

Even more impressive is that the reactions of the DNA took place simultaneously – there
was no time delay between a person emitting emotional responses and the reaction from the DNA, no matter how far removed they were from each other.

(Note:  I have shared only a brief overview of these scientific experiments. If you want to learn more about the science behind the Law of Attraction, I highly recommend reading The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden. He explains each experiment and its potential implications in much more detail.)

So, what do these experiments mean in relation to the Law of Attraction?

Let me be clear about one thing: you do not have to understand how all the scientific stuff works in order to use the Law of Attraction effectively in your everyday life.

Just know that it does appear to have scientific basis, and researchers are continuously discovering more and more about our power to affect the world around us through our thoughts and emotions.

We’re still not clear on exactly how it all works together because we don’t yet have the
equipment necessary to measure on a very small scale. However, quantum exploration is revealing startling new insights and as our technology improves so will the discoveries we make about the world around us (and within us!).

Still, what scientists have discovered so far is impressive enough in my eyes. It’s enough to give us a solid foundation for changing the way we see reality.

Now that you understand the scientific starting point, ensure you read and apply the step-by-step process for attracting what you want.

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